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Mysterious files appearing


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I currently have .dwg files appearing on a network drive out of the blue.

The file names all start with "A$C....", and appear to all be block files.


I know which user's machine is creating the files (new employee), but my question is:

How are they getting there, and which file location setting do I need to look into on that machine to eliminate them being added to the network location?


Thanks in Advance!

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Files starting with the characters A$C... are actually anonymous Groups not Blocks.  If they were anonymous blocks they would start with the letter "U".  As to deleting them... well, they cannot be erased with standard AutoCAD tools.  To delete and remove these groups, you could use a freeware utility (lisp routine), available at CAD Studio called DelGrpA.

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There are 2 possibilities

1) Those are system recovery files, read about them here. It is an option you can create your own file location for where these are saved normally they are buried in a standard windows location maybe your new user has sensibly changed that location to something more accessible, they can be very important in the case of a system crash.

2) Your user has turned on logfiles, again a useful feature for checking your command history when working on files, this feature can be turned on/off from the options-open and save tab

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Temporary (.ac$) Files

By default, temporary files have an .ac$ extension. These files contain information that is used by various AutoCAD commands (such as UNDO) and do not contain any drawing data that can be recovered. They should only exist during an AutoCAD session but may be left behind if AutoCAD crashes or is abnormally terminated.

 If indeed you meant .ac$. Looks like the new guy is crashing a lot. The files are useless, except for the temporary purpose they are intended.


P.S. Anonymous Groups et. al. It would be *A and 3 numbers and would be a name, not a file extension.


*U### = anonymous blocks

*E### = anonymous non-uniformly scaled blocks

*X### = anonymous hatches

*D### = anonymous dimensions

*A### = anonymous groups


P.S.S. Logfiles are extension .log

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Like SLW210 set your AutoSavepath via CONFIG FILES to a directory mine is set to d:\acadtemp and all the temporary files get written to there you will be astonished how many end up there. There are also SV$ and DWL1 DWL2 files I have a bat file to clean them up. 19 today and growing.

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