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Server for 10-12 concurrent connections?


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Hi all,


I recently started a new job a month ago and they are upgrading their server. My boss asked me about what I thought about it as I'd be the most computer savy in the office. 


They were given a quote of 9.5k for a server. It has an 8 core xeon, 64GB ram, 24TB storage and 10Gb card. Sorry I forget the exact specs but that's more or less what I remembered. 


I think that it's a bit overkill (pun intended) to go with that. I was thinking of a synology nas rack mount solution of some sort instead, seeing as it's only 10 people connecting to the server at any one time. Saving CAD files, word docs and the odd sketchup file so there wouldn't be a huge strain on the server. 


I was thinking of something like this:


8 x 4TB hard drives @ 115×8 = €920

Synology RackStation RS1221+ (Bare unit) @ €1,700


What do you guys and gals think? 


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I'd agree that your Synology solution would be more proportionate given the number of users. I guess it depends on whether you see that number staying stable over the next 3 years or so, or whether it's likely to increase. The other consideration might be functionality of a Windows? based server over one running the Synology OS. Having said that, I've found the Synology backup options to be excellent - probably the single biggest consideration when it comes to functionality.

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I'd be asking other companies (at least another 2) to evaluate what you need and give their quotes.


If they are all saying that you need the same level of gear then that's probably what you do need.


Remember that whatever you go with should have some extra capacity - for when you get that big contract and take on another 5 CAD users.


PS. Don't forget to ask for a raise when you end up administrating the new system, as no doubt you will.
It starts by them asking for advice, then ask you to look after the backups, then ......., and the job creeps up on you. (Been there, done that).

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Thanks guys,


That Synology can support windows server 2016.


I guess I forgot to mention that there needs to be support for working remotely in case people need to work from home. I'm not sure how the Syno is setup for that or if it could handle that.


For the Syno NAS I probably get the upgraded RAM and NIC (Including the bare unit and HDs):

€920 - €115 x 8 Seagate 4 TB IronWolf HDs

€1,700 - Synology RackStation RS1221+ (Bare unit)

€821 - 32GB RAM kit: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/32gb-synology-d4rd-2666-32g-ddr4-2666mhz-288pin-12v-ecc-registered-server-memory

€410 - 25GbE NIC which is the E25G21-F2 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Synology-Ethernet-Adapter-SFP28-E25G21-F2/dp/B08WLGZS86?th=1

€3851 as opposed to €9500

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