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Structural and civil project


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I keep feeling like I don't have enough information. The instructions read.....


"Beginning at the center of the cul-de-sac of Ocean Avenue, travel 50 feet at a bearing of S 15° W to the PC. The centerline then curves to the left. Its radius is 85 feet, and its delta angle is 97°. The centerline then travels 185 feet."


What degrees to the left do I do I move to curser to start the arc, 90°? I get that the distance from the beginning of the arc to the end is 97 but 97° and the distance from the center to the outside but it still lands in any number of places.


Also, in what direction do I travel the 185 feet?




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The curve would be assumed tangent (PC is Point of Tangency) at both ends.

So the radius point would be S 75° E 85 feet from the end of the first segment.

Draw the arc using the radius point and endpoint of the first segment entering 50 for the length.

You should be able to figure out the last tangent segment.

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 I had no memory of going over that formula. None of those words were making sense. I have found the  explanation in the material.  

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