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How to copy the first Unselected element from a listBox to another in vb.net


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Hello All,

I need code that helps me to copy the first Unselected element from a listBox to another, I already know how to copy all unselected elements as below but I need to copy just the first Element from the lisbox:


                    For i As Integer = 0 To ListBox3.Items.Count - 1
                       If ListBox3.GetSelected(i) Then
                        End If



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Usualy You can use Exit For, but then ..... hm, from Your's code items are copied from LB3 to LB1 no matter if they are selected or not.


Or you can use something like this:

DIm toCopy as Boolean

toCopy = true

itherate through list

if item is unselected and toCopy

     copy element

     toCopy = false


I am using c#, so VB(A) is somewhere between My ears..


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