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Vehicle Tracking - where to find details for vehicles

Adam - Inspire

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Hi I have been using Vehicle Tracking for a while now and often adjust of create custom vehicle but was interested to know if anyone has come across a source for vehicle details for swept paths? 



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You have to go on the manufactures web site and often values are not there, like max steer angle, can normally get wheel base info. Even these can be modelled.



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Not an exact science Vehicle Tracking is an educated guess.

Max steer angle and wheelbase are the biggest factors but while many vehicles look similar steer angle varies a lot by use model and manufacturer.

For a particular vehicle we're gone so far as to have the vehicle needing access do the turns on dirt and locate the tracks with a survey crew.

Generally though for approving plans we call for standard vehicles according to use like any commercial business with a dumpster has to be designed for pickup access.

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Like Tombu the guys where I used to work got the crayon out and marked the ground as the truck turned and surveyed it. For a fire truck had the specs but no vehicle found a European truck so close used that I think we just tweaked a couple of the values. 


My Nissan civilian motor home 6m long does a u turn better than my car.


We had a planning submission for the best semi driver in the world to carry out a manoeuvre we deduced the turn angles had been adjusted so as to make it work asked consultant in no un certain terms "HAVE A NOTHER GO" no cheating.

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