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Viewport changes when selecting plot style


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I'm having an issue when I select a plot style. I'm new to using them as I used a more "manual" workflow before.

I already have a viewport created on a Layout without any plot styles selected. I use AutoCAD PDF (High Quality Print) with an A3 paper size. I have stretched the viewport to the dashed line in the Layout.

However, when selecting e.g. acad.ctb in the Page Setup, and press OK, the viewport changes in size. It seems to increase in size just a few millimeters from the right and top side.


It happens on multiple drawings that I wish to edit to use a plot style, but it seems it doesn't happen on new drawings with the same conditions applied.


Does anyone know why that is? I can't see that it changes anything else, plotter, paper size etc.

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The default option for the -VPORTS command is <Fit>: so simply hitting enter automatically matches the viewport to the dashed lines indicating the plottable area in the Layout. Since there's no way to snap to those dashed lines manually <Fit> is the only proper way to do it.


Your issue may be because the plottable area in the Layout is determined by the page setup and you've somehow modified it.

I'd recommend using the [Import…] button in the Page Setup Manager to import page setups you need into the template drawings you use so you only need to create each of them once.

I have two page setups for each, one for hardcopy and one for PDF as the plottable area is different for my printers and plotters than for PDF's.

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Sort of like tombu we always had fixed size title blocks and used viewports for scaling, so plotting always worked and we never used FIT rather true scales like 1=1 and 1=2. 


So think about using a title block even just a fixed size rectang and we used window select lower left, upper right and center.


Lastly we use a plot lisp so don't read the page setup, plotted up to 88 layouts in one button press. There are plenty of lisp examples out there, just google, Maratovich has a very good one.

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