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I can't calculate the area of ​​this hatch, the square meters don't come out in the properties

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---------- Hatch --------------------------------------------------
                  Handle:  2CF
           Current space:  Model
                   Layer:  0
                   Color:  BYLAYER
                Linetype:  ByLayer
            Pattern name:  SOLID
           Pattern angle:  0
           Pattern scale:  1
                    Area:  249980.8149

I used list but the area will only be the white solid not The rectangs is that what you want.



(setq area (vla-get-area  (vlax-ename->vla-object (car  (entsel "Pick obj")))))


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How did you get that list of data out? What command did you use? Thanks

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Its a text display, just use the lisp code I posted at post2, getting textscr is longwinded compared to 1 line of code.

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