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I'm a bad boy - licence breach


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I've recently had an email saying Autodesk have detected I have more users than licences. They're right, and I hold my hands up to screwing-up. I thought that as long as only one person was using the software at any time, I was in compliance, but I accept I've totally got that wrong. 


They've sent me a report which shows, for 5 days, three people were using the same licence. One of these people was someone who works for me on an irregular basis (when I wasn't working but hadn't logged out). The other was my young son, drawing dinosaurs in autocad....a modern-day etch-a-sketch!


Autodesk want me, consequently, to obtain two further 3-year subscriptions. I will take one more subscription without complaint, but to expect someone who is, effectively, a one-man-band to purchase two seems unnecessarily punitive. Things are, after all, pretty tough at the moment!


I spoke to the sender of the email yesterday and it was all pretty amicable; I think he believes I'm just a moron and not out to deliberately defraud them, but there didn't seem to be any leeway other than waiving a 30% cost recovery charge. I've read the T&C and can't see where this is set out but perhaps Autodesk are at liberty to do whatever they want? 


Does anyone have any experience of something like this?



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These was installed on different computers I assume? or same computer different user logins? (hadn't logged out) If its the later id tell them to kick rocks. Move over to BricsCAD.  They have Subscription, Perpetual, and Network licenses available. Are way cheaper then AutoCAD.

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Many, many years ago I worked at a firm that had "multiple seats" installed but only owned 2 copies.

The local dealer turned us in and we got a registered letter from a lawyer instructing us to purchase

4 more copies in the next 30 days or be subject to "blah..blah...blah.."


The company bought them..


That was before the internet...

I'd take it seriously.

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Hard to imagine not reading the fine print on a license that expensive. Even as an employee who's never had to shell out a dime to use the software I know better than that. I can log onto any any PC with AutoCAD installed in my office or at home because the license is assigned to me and AutoCAD doesn't care where I use it only that nobody else does.

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