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AutoCAD 2019 - Polar not locking after data entry

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Hey everyone, I have a strange question. I've been using AutoCAD for over 20 years and typically consider myself an expert, but this one has me stumped.


I use polar tracking instead of ortho. In previous versions of the software, if you entered a command like move, copy, line, etc and then entered a number the direction would lock. For instance, if I draw a line with Polar Tracking on I could make it any angle I want, and it would lock to certain polar angles that I've set (90 degrees, 45 degress, etc). But if I entered a number the line would lock in the polar direction I was going. So I could draw a line, start typing the number "2" and if the polar was at 90 degrees when I typed that first number, I could move the mouse wherever I wanted and the direction would stay locked to 90 degrees until i finished typing my numbers and hit enter, then it would unlock again. A few years ago I upgraded my computer to AutoCAD 2019 and that function was missing. I assumed they had just changed it, but I have another instance of AutoCAD 2022 and it works normally there (normally in this instance being the lock after data entry method I mentioned). I've searched and searched and cannot find what setting is causing this, but it is frustrating me.


This may seem trivial, but my mouse and keyboard are on an inclined surface. So in the past I would initiate the line command and hit the number 1 or 2 with my left hand, let go of the mouse and enter the rest of numeric data on the number pad and then hit enter. It didn't matter that my mouse was on an incline because it would lock to the direction I'd been traveling when entering that first number. Now, however, the cursor doesn't lock and it drops off the screen because my mouse slides down on my mouse pad. So I end up having to let go of the mouse, enter the information on the number pad, pick the mouse back up and get the angle correct, then complete the command. It's very frustrating. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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