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Problems with XRef Title Block


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After creating sheet number attributes and sheet description attributes from the Attribute Definition dialog box and filling in Tag:, Prompt: and Default: sections of the Attribute for a Title Box and then creating a block, I realize that the block doesn't work properly when xref'ed into a new drawing.


It seems that the Tag value and the Default value appear in each xref'ed Title Block.  I have spent some much time trying to correct this, that I am starting to think that, simple disregarding xref altogether to avoid this hassle and just insert a Title Block.


Any thoughts?


Thank you,



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As far as I know, if you want to use attributes in your title block then you will need to insert your title block as a block, not an xref. You can't edit attributes in an xref the same way you can in a block.


The other option would be to use plain text in your title block xref, then simply Refedit when you want to change things. This is the method that I use.

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We used a title block in layouts for years and have like 4 different programs to suit, stuff like update sheet nums 1 of x,  index, copy attributes from 1 layout to all layouts.

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Quick Google search for "how to xref a title block in autocad" returns about 129,000 results.

We've gotten drawings from others who've done this and it usually takes them several tries to get all the files needed to plot one of their drawings as all we start with is viewports and model space objects.

The only advantage of using an xref title block is they're easier to update. What if something happens to that xref every company drawing is referencing?

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