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Help with solid object Union not working


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I created a 3D square post, then used rectangular array to evenly space them down a 40 foot path. Now I realize some of the posts aren't long enough so I first used EXPLODE to separate them all, then picked an single post, copied it to the height I wanted, then tried to use the UNION command to make it a single post. It won't work.

It would seem when I use the ARRAY command on 3D objects, those objects can no longer be changed, Union, Subtract, etc.

What do I need to do to fix an object that exhibits this behavior? EXPLODE doesn't seem to work.

Thank you!
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This screenshot from the    SYSVDLG  will likely shed some UNEXPLODED light on your problem.

EXPLODE  is not the best way to disassociate your 3D Solid array entities..


Had they not been EXPLODED (to disassociate them) you shouldn't have had a problem editing any you chose to.

I used the OFFSET FACE functionality  in the second screenshot, no problem.



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I'm using autocad 2012 and I don't think it has the ArrayAssociativity setting. I do have the ArrayEditState however.
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Glad to help you get back on the "Old School" tracks!   :beer:


Just so happened to have been added in 2012...BINGO!  ;)

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