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[lisp] lengthening, shortening according to the center of the line


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Hi !,


I wrote a lisp that allows you to lengthen or shorten the line on both sides by the given amount. Is it possible to modify this lisp to lengthen / shorten a given line to the given value, e.g. 3.5, 4 etc. relative to the center of this line? E.g Line length 2.35 -> extend it to length 2.50 on both sides with one command



(defun c:df ( / ss en a)

  (if (and (setq ss (ssget "_+.:E:S" '((0 . "LINE"))))
	   (setq en (ssname ss 0)))
    (command "_.LENGTHEN"
	     ;(setq a (getreal "\nO ile: "))
(setq *rev*
   (lambda ( input ) (if (eq "" input) *rev* input))
   (getstring (strcat "\nEnter Revision Number <" (setq *rev* (cond ( *rev* ) ( "1" ))) "> : "))
	     (list en (trans (cdr (assoc 10 (entget en))) 0 1))
	     (list en (trans (cdr (assoc 11 (entget en))) 0 1))



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Posted (edited)

For that you'd need to use the "_.SCALE" command "Reference" option in the code using the calculated distance between the endpoints.

Actually with that lisp you could lengthen from midpoint or either end so it would work for all you lengthen line work.

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Posted (edited)

"I wrote a lisp"


your new lisp

entsel line

get the start and end points

get angle of start -


mid point (setq mp (mapcar '* (mapcar '+ start end) '(0.5 0.5)))

use polar new end with new dist

use polar new start

use entmod on dxf 10 & 11

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