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Lines but not Polylines?


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Hi Folks,


Drawing below in 3D and i can draw straight line up, along down etc on the 'Front' pane but if i try to draw a rectangle a polyline or anything else ionly draws on the 'top'

Not sure what i need to change to sort that. The attached drawing shows what i can do with the Line tool. I'd like to do similar with otheres


Screenshot 2022-05-19 204720.jpg

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Rectangles and Polylines can only be drawn in the XY plane. If you want to create these elements in the Front view you will need to rotate your UCS.


Type UCS at the command prompt and hit Enter.

Look at the command line to see your options.

If you type X and hit Enter, then type 90 and hit Enter, your UCS will rotate 90 degrees around the X axis and you will then be able to draw Polylines and Rectangles in the Front view.


Take a look at the link below to learn more about the UCS command.



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