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Overlapping polylines


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I need to create a function that get two set of vertices of closed polyline and return the set of overlapping area or 0 if no over lapping

Does anyone know one?

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In GLOBAL MAPPER there is one feature , but in CAD i think will be more solid.

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The question has been asked before and one of the sticky points is which point is correct. Yes could just take a end point and move onto next closest end point but is that correct ? I think the other post ended up with circles showing the error location. Then a manual fix.

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Posted (edited)

Yes that It is. I take example of other POST cause reflet same situatuion.

But for my real case It Will use in map with more than 4000 areas fix manual It not my plan.

I saw then other lisp that show circles on where had Vertex not orverlaping.

Come here to see If already have some like that in lisp or i continue to use GM for it

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