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Use of external DLL from vlisp

Edison CB

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Use of external DLL from vlisp

Very good afternoon dear friends, I would like that someone could help me in the following problem:

I am trying to work with external dll methods and properties made in vb.net or C++, but which are not arx or . net files for AutoCAD; but I can not connect them, try using vla-GetInterfaceObject as in a 2005 manual attached to this message where something is explained, but I tried and it does not work or I can not find how to do it; I also saw that it is not necessary to register the dll to use them, but you can load their methods and properties only with the address where the dll is stored in one of our disks, at least that I saw that can be done from vba; I would like to do the same, but from the current versions of . net; please if someone could help me I would be extremely grateful.
To reiterate once again that the dll that I mention are not those that we create in Autocad .net and that are loaded with NETLOAD, but an external dll and that can be used from any other programming language, of course programmed by ourselves with operations that we will handle as we see fit.

Using a VB ActiveX DLL from Visual LISP.doc

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