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Using server path in Autolisp


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Hello people i have problem with using server path in autolisp.

Everything work fine with normal path like "G:\Trudy-menu\ ...." but i cant use "\\46.48.10(random IP)\Network\Trudy-menu\.... if someone can help i will be glad.


I want to get files from the path and create folders if it need.


Thank you. :) 

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\\  translates to \  in lisp so you might need "\\\\46.48.10(random IP)\...






AutoLISP control characters
Code Description
\\  = \ character
\" = " character
\e = Escape character
\n = Newline character
\r = Return character
\t  = Tab character


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16 hours ago, mhupp said:

ooo another way.


 (strcat (chr 92) "46.48.10random IP\...")

I use strcat chr for file paths in macros because if they worked when tested on the command line they would work in the macro!

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