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Found 14 results

  1. Hello people i have problem with using server path in autolisp. Everything work fine with normal path like "G:\Trudy-menu\ ...." but i cant use "\\46.48.10(random IP)\Network\Trudy-menu\.... if someone can help i will be glad. I want to get files from the path and create folders if it need. Thank you.
  2. Hi all, is it possible to read attributes or properties from the _DWGPROPS and list them in a Lisp e.g. as variables? I need the yellow marked attribute (OD2485), which always has a different number. (defun c:dropsforatts () (setq (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-acad-object)) (vla-get-SummaryInfo doc) ) (setq i 0) (setq i 5) ) I would then like to insert this variable into a file path in a Lisp. (defun c:tempsave () (getvar "DWGNAME") (getvar "DWGPREFIX") (command "_+saveas" "G" "2018dwg" "2018(LT2018)" ("F:\\\\Clients\\CT2485\\OD2485\\Planning" ;i need the OD2485 as a variabel from the DWGPROPS (strcat (substr (getvar "DWGNAME") 1 8) "_temp") ) ) )
  3. Hi guys, Long time reader, seldom if ever poster. I think I've got a good one this time and can't find a solution. I'm seeking to find and replace strings in hundreds of xref paths. It's not the path I need to change, but a string in the name of the drawing. For example: "otl" should be found and replaced with "int" *\PLANS\p_otl_001.dwg -> *\PLANS\p_int_001.dwg *\PLANS\p_otl_002.dwg -> *\PLANS\p_int_002.dwg I can quickly change the reference name using RENAME and the Reference Manager can change all paths, but affects only the file path and not the name of the drawing. REDIR with * wildcards doesn't work either. I've searched for hours for a script that will achieve this but I cannot seem to find one. Has anyone found a solution to this before? (I'll buy you many beers first chance I get.) Using AutoCAD Architecture 2012.
  4. Hi, all. Is there a way of importing a profile *.arg file (in the "Options"|"Profiles" tab) and have it simply change settings under the "Options"|"Files" tab and nothing else? I wouldn't mind going into the *.arg file and deleting lines, as long as I knew which ones were important. But would the profile import just fine if it did not have all the lines? For example, if I deleted everything in there that did not pertain to search paths, would it still load up? Right now, when we load a profile *.arg file it changes everything... the cursor size, background color, buttons, the way it selects elements, etc., and it would be very important that each user could upload a profile, based on which client standards one's working on that day, and have their customizations untouched. It might simply be that it can't be done, or i just don't know enough about profiles, but any help on this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks, Edgar
  5. In Autocad 2015 when I move cursor around, a path tracing cursor remains in the monitor which is annoying. Is there anyway to turn off this capability?
  6. Hello to all!... I'm again needing a help, are there a LISP that's possible get a length path from a polyline disposed over other lines? As a exemple attached has a drawing showing what exactly is this thread. The colored lines are the possible paths, each one has two texts (Name and Length) of possible path, over there has 3 lines showing the examples, using a "polyline" (I guess), I'll dispose over the path that I'm asking for the length, eg: Path 1, get 2 names and 2 lengths: PATH1 = 1010.1818 + 540.1862 => Total length =1550.368 Path 2, get 3 names and 3 lengths: PATH2 = 1010.1818 + 552.4334 + 379.7464 => Total length = 1942.3616 Path 3, get 5 names and 5 lengths: PATH3 = 1010.1818 + 552.4334 + 355.2488 + 548.7819 + 1333.2688 => Total length = 3769.9147 Is possible to create a table for each path with the names and length? Or one other way to get this informations using a polyline (I guess the best way) or selecting the path names? Is possible to link that 2 text as a feature of a polyline for each part and then get these informations? Thanks in advance!!!... Path length.dwg
  7. Hello All, First off, Thanks for this site and everyone that posts on it....I have recieved a lot of great info just reading through forums. This routine arrays selected objects along an arc, spline, pline, helix, at offsets, rotations, etc... -edit- User selects object(s), basepoint of object(s), array path, starting end of path, option to rotate object(s) relative to path - at user defined angle, offset distance, and using Divide or Measure methods of spacing. For Measure option, last option is to place another object at end of path or not. -edit- code updated. Added Max Spacing option. Provide "max spacing" distance, and it calculates the maximum equal spacing between objects along the array path. array-path-2d.pdf array-path-3d.pdf ARRAY_PATHS.lsp
  8. hi i am cleaning up a lot of old drawings each having multiple xrefs. however all are being moved to the current xref folder on the server so the xref path is messed up. we currently utilise a 'no path' xref setting on all drawings but these older ones all have saved paths. anyone know of a quicker way to convert all xrefs to no path as it's taking me all bloody day. thanks
  9. Hello I tried several ways to let 2 points (cirlces, see image below) following a drawing path (polyline). I tried it with arraypath etc. It doesn't work and I don't find any solution for this problem . Can somebody help me? I work with Autocad 2013. The two circles must follow the polylinepath always with the same distance between the circles. It's like a train or tram movement. The user must be able to enter a certain distance between the objects that has to be copied and the user must also be able to chose how many times it has to be copied. Please, does anyone know a solution? Thx in advance .
  10. I have a problem with polar tracking. Previously it was possible to hover over a point, then define the tracking direction and then specifying the distance. In 2013, the polar and object snap tracking path go away / ends when typing the desired tracking distance. Then the tracking direction has to be defined afterwords, which is new to me. That means that its not possible to define multiple distances continously AFTER defining the tracking direction. It kind of ruins the work routines. Hope someone can help get it back to normal.
  11. I'm trying to use the PATH array feature on 2013 to array stairs, and I can't get the array to be 100% accurate. It seems like CAD rounds the decimal to the nearest 3/4" which could be causing the problem. I set my run to 10.5" and rise to 7.25", array along the angle of the stringer, and there's always a small overlap on the stairs. The "distance between" should be 1'-209/256" and CAD rounds it to 1'-3/4" which is where I believe the error is. Is there any way to fix this or array this correctly? Otherwise...back to the COPY method I suppose.
  12. I am creating a set of parametric stairs. All of my constraints are in place for my 2 main work points. I am now trying to make an associative path array to depict the stair treads. Path array works great initially, however when I change my variables for stair height, my stair treads tilt with my work line in such a way that they're no longer parallel to the floor. The angle of the stairs must be variable as it will change from one set of stairs to another. All that said, I am wondering if there is some variable or command that will make the treads retain their ucs orientation regardless of the angle of my path line. I've tried every option while creating the array with no luck. Please Help.
  13. Greetings everyone. I was trying to draw the enlacements of a wire rope by applying the hatch command but when I facing curves, the hatch needs to rotate somehow. Is it that possible? I manage to do it by using "measure" command and then with a use of a block, align it to path and then enter the segment length. (Attached image) But I was wondering if there is a way to do it with hatch command or any other method.
  14. I'm printing CAD to PDF using LSP. Here is the code for a full file name path: (setq pdf_name (getfiled "Specify file name to plot *.pdf" (getvar "SAVENAME") "pdf" 5)) i.e. - i:\cadd\project\Plan.pdf What would be the code to capture the folder path only, in other words, how can I subtract a file name from this expression, and get only a folder name? i.e. - i:\cadd\project\ Thank you!
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