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On_doc_load.lsp Not Loading on Doc Load


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Title pretty much. Posted in the Autolisp forum looking for a help with a routine, went alright as I managed to come up with a potential solution for iterating through a directory of several drawings to apply some system variables to them depending on this or that.

The program flow is, essentially, manually call one of the functions defined in the lisp meant to be ran on the first drawing (to setup variables that'll contain filenames more or less) then that'll call another function that'll do it's thing, ending with (vl-cmdf ".open" DWGNAME). On_doc_load then kicks in, load's the lisp file, and calls that 2nd function to do the thing. All's dandy... 

Or at least it should be! Typically the routine will work fine for all of two drawings. After that it'll open the next dwg in the list but on_doc_load seemingly fails to kick in and load/call the lisp routine.

Any ideas as to why this might be? halp plz. Attached is a capture of the commandline. The "ayy we loaded" bit is from the on_doc_load. Also did a (findfile) statement targeting the on_doc_load to show it's finding it on a freshly opened dwg.

Commandline capture.png

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Said screw it and wrote up an AHK script to just type the (load "blahblah.lsp) and function call. The routine is just for a specific use and won't be used by anyone else other than me so it's an acceptable solution lol :surrender:

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