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table equation


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While I can't say for your specific table, I'd approach this in the following way:


1. Loop through the table, using the rowcount (vla-get-rows table) as an index

2. Access data in hardcoded columns (vla-gettext table row column) with the index representing the row.

3. Iterate the index every iteration. 


So you would end up with something like:

(setq size (vla-get-rows table)
	  j 0

(repeat size
	(vla-settext table j 2 (* (read(vla-gettext table j 0)) (read(vla-gettext table j 1))))
	(setq j (+ j 1))


This will likely not work with your table but the process should be about the same.  

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Posted (edited)

hi friends

i find a way

the sulotion is 


(vla-settext myTable row 5 "=B3*C3*PI*D3*D3*0.25*E3*7.86*0.001*0.01")


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Have a look inside getexcel.lsp it has a row column (2 3) =  "B3" defun, by Gile. So could create your string. 

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