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Bill Tillman

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Here's the MLEADER text contents:





I want to replace each instance of this with


3/4"x3" STEEL



This would seem cut and dry but apparently I don't have it right. If I do a FIND for the first string, it's on two lines as shown, it comes up with nothing. So how does one format a string in the FIND dialog window so it will select and change the desired text?


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Trying to do this with the constant interruptions at my office is proving difficult. But I did try this and it came up null.


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¾" isn't the same as 3/4" that is whats causing the 0 finds.

¾ is one font char

3/4 is three font char's


search for this use \P for next line




to type ¾ hold alt and type 0190 on numbpad



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Ah, the old EXTENDED ASCII CHARACTER set. Cool, that works great with 3/4" but what if I have 7/8" or 23/32"  a number which is not an Extended Ascii character?

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They should be part of text ?  IF they are not super / subscript .




Find and Mtext does not work. 




"\\A1;abc {\\H0.7x;\\S23/32;\\H1.42857x;\"}" so need a lisp maybe to amend string.


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2 hours ago, Bill Tillman said:

Yes, when the fractions auto-stack it creates a problem with FIND


Best way to combat this is to double click the mtext and copy it. then add the /P to break them up by line.

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Look for \S in string then ; so get "23/32" then further apart 23 32 and replace both. Then rebuild string. I dont have anything for task. 


In text if you have used extended character like ¼  you could look for a (chr x) but font style may vary. ps ¼ is (chr 188)



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