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Viewports versus Named Views?


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Hi all, good to be back for a bit. I don't use ACAD in anger 'cos i'm retired! However personal projects continue... 


Question: For ACAD LT 21, and I suspect all versions, can someone tell me the - functional - differences between using a Viewport and a Named View.

I have always (i.e. for centuries) used Viewports but are Named Views better in some way?


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As I understand it, a named view is more or less permanent. If you want to replicate the same view in multiple viewports, you create it once and use it in each viewport.


You can also return to a critical view in model space whenever you need to, one you save it. Splitting the screen lets you do something similar, but without the placeholder effect; in other words, you can keep one view constant and change the other.


I imagine this feature is very handy in some situations, but I've never felt the need to use it.

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CyberAngel - yes I see what you mean about the 'permanence' of a Named View and it can be reused unlike a Viewport which has to be set up each time. In my limited work I don't see the need for more than one use of the same info. (Wonder if a NV can be imported 'as is' into another drawing file...? Will investigate.)


I think you have answered the question.



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The other is UCS you can save as many named UCS's as you want so if using layouts each can be a different UCS, look at UCS OB, UCS S, UCS R. You just do a "Plan" after changing ucs. As we did lots of roads that is how we would twist layouts view.


Oh yeah if you use a UCS and say have a twisted view you can do UCS W no plan and real world co-ordinates are now reflected but view is still twisted, for us with field survey co-ords was critical.

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