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Laptop suggestions

Kat Vee

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I need to buy a new laptop that can run AutoCAD and 3ds MAX without it being super expensive. I'd say my budget is max 1800$ (Canadian). I've already checked all the requirements, but I'm so confused... Anyone can help?

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Check the 3ds Max systems requirements first here.

Then the supported graphics processors here


I have had good luck with Dell laptops and desktops.  My current desktop Dell Precision is 8 years old.  I don't do any heavy work but it works and is reliable.


With your tight budget you have to make tradeoffs between CPU power, amount of memory, the size off the SSD drive, and the graphics.  I think the Precision  3561 at $1379 USD may be a good fit.  I like that it includes NVDIA graphics and has decent memory at 16 GB.   I'm sure others will jump in here with more suggestions.


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