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Dynamic Block Stretch Parameter

Bill Tillman

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I have a dynamic block that I'm trying to get to stretch symmetrically about it's insertion point. I seem to be having some trouble understanding why the grip used to stretch it doesn't stay at the place I'm intending. The other issue is to have this work so that the other users can simply type in a dimension they want to stretch the shape it's still not quite there.


Okay, so it seems to be working but when I stretch it and type in a number like 6, it makes the overall length longer than 6". It is indeed 6" from the original center of the shape but that's where the added length comes in. When the user applies the dimension they want we want to end up with the same insertion point and the grip should be right on the edge of the shape so they can change it again the exact same way. 


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Ok (LM:setdynpropvalue  obj "distance1" (getreal "enter length") ) there is something wrong in the way the block is made maybe need like it to be 1 & 1 in each direction even if the top overlaps. Maybe do a distance1 and distance2=distance1 as a left and right value then distance1 is 3 ie 6/2



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Thanks BIGAL. Your advice is always helpful. This is one of those times like way back in 2012-2016 era where I not only have to fully develop my LISP code so even a 5 year old could use it, most of them use LT so LISP is out of the question. The goal here is to have the user insert the block which will be a steel stud 3 5/8" in width and allow them to place it anywhere and then stretch it using the one (if there's more than one grip they will get confused) grip on the right to make it any size they want. I can use the block as is but the other detailers here will not be on board unless it's "idiot proof".


I built a nice dynamic block this several years ago and I know you have to get the areas to be stretched and the objects to be stretched just right, which I think I have here. It's important the grip stays right along the right side, not stretched off to the right. When we insert the block into a drawing with other objects nearby and even overlapping, they will complain if the grip is not touching the object it affects. I also tried changing the "Distance Multiplier" to 1/2 but the results were the same. Oh well, complaints are frequent in this line of work.


BTW, I found this in a search. Works pretty good so I'll just hack it for our use.


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