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Lisp to Help with DXFOUT


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So I'm looking for a lisp that will do essentially the same thing as 2 macros I have set up already. The macros in question work perfectly and don't need to be replaced with the software I made them for (Autocad LT 2023). However I have been looking at cheaper cad alternatives and landed on bricscad and so far my main job related hurdle to get over is finding a way to export anywhere from 5 to 40 parts into separate DXF files into a specific directory with as minimal input as possible. Ideally it would be like my macros where it prompts at the start for a prefix and a number to start at, and from there you highlight a selection and it generates a file with 0 prompts. That way I can just select one at a time quickly and have an ordered set of files.


For reference here are the 2 macros I'm using to do this in Autocad,

^C^Csetenv PREFIX \; setvar USERI1;\

For Setting the Prefix and starting number ^

*^C^C_dxfout U:/DIRECTORY/Batch-DXF/$M=$(getenv,PREFIX)$M=$(getvar,USERI1);O;\\;V;2013;16;setvar;USERI1;$(+,1,$(getvar,USERI1))

Exports upon selection, No prompts, Runs until canceled ^


Any help appreciated! Thanks.

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Welcome to the new adventure now you have Bricscad, you can access lisp, so converting some of your macro's to be smarter can be straight forward, and you can add more features and checking. Like using SSGET for filtered selections.


Adding custom menu's would be my suggestion so you have your new macro's or lisp's at your mouse tip.

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