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Revit Text Plotting Different Size


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Hi all! Me again... the person that still hates Revit. 


I have some title/legends pages created in Revit where everything is basically annotations and lines. I realize this isn't the ideal way to do things, but for what I needed right now, it was the best way. So, I have some text notes that look correct in Revit, but when they print, they print at a NOTICABLY smaller font size. Almost everything I can find online tells me to check my monitor resolution <eyeroll> which is CLEARLY not the problem. The text style I have is supposed to print at 3/32", and since this isn't in a "view", there's obviously no scale on the page. 


Anything? First picture is what it's supposed to look like, second is how it prints. 






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If these are not default fonts might want to give this a try.




if that not the case try this.




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So... it was an Arial font, so that's not the problem. 


After MUCH Googling and farting around, I realized no one REALLY has a great answer to this. The common suggestions were indeed scaling on the monitor, and to just restart. Since I USUALLY work on external monitors from a docking station, and this time was plotting directly from my laptop, I just did both. Scaled all my programs to 100%, restarted, and it fixed it. I have SINCE reset my program scaling, and it's still plotting properly, so at this point I'm thinking restarting was the culprit here. I have also read that often the problem will come back after a while. But I will leave this up in case anyone else runs into this issue and has a better fix or just needs this info! 

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