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LWEIGHT in model space works until a zoom or pan command


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See the attached gif. If I go into the LWEIGHT command and click enter with the enabled checkbox ticked it works but only until I zoom or pan.


Also, clicking the icon in the lower panel doesn't have any effect on this.



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Graphics card and/or driver? How does it plot?


Mine change with zoom, etc. but go back to showing lineweight as set when going back and forth. I am using AutoCAD 2022, so could be a 2023 issue.


I seldom use lineweight, I prefer Plines with width.

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Sorry for only getting back to you. It plots just fine. The line weight is set in the layers for this particular layer and not using a plot style so it should work.


I've tested it on a different machine and it's working fine. My graphic card is pretty old where this is not working, so that probably is the issue.


On a side note, it would be nice if the model space could display the line weight in model space like paper space when using a .ctb file to drive the line weight.

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