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Autodesk Cloud and SSM


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Bear with me. This is a little weird. We are working on a project that kind of needs to be split into Revit and AutoCAD. We have all of our plan-based drawings in Revit, due to the nature of the project, and that's working just fine. But our functional diagrams and stuff are being done in AutoCAD. Yes, we know this is annoying, but here we are.


1. We don't have the blocks and stuff in Revit to do it there. It's just not a valid option at this point. We are working on that as a whole, but for this project, not an option. 

2. Pulling the drawings into Revit from AutoCAD isn't working well, the text and stuff is just really sort of unreadable. Hence splitting up the work between platforms. 

3. We use SSM for all our AutoCAD based management. It's the way stuff is set up... and we need to use it here. 

4. We have moved the CAD files to the BIM360 cloud so that everyone can access them easily across offices. 

      4a. We know that SSM doesn't work from BIM 360, so we left that on our server. 

5. We're going to pull the titleblock from Revit, so that they match.


Is there anything I'm missing? I know there are a lot of people that are going to say "You don't need to use AutoCAD for anything, Revit can do whatever you want!" But it's not working, and we do not have to time to build all the blocks/families in Revit to do that. Is there an easier way? 

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