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Importing DGN file


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I've had issues importing DGN files using AutoCAD 2021 on 2 separate computers.

Read through all the forums but no luck.

Tried on many different files.

It does import layers, but no objects.


I can't attach file/s as they belongs to client.

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Does it work if you attach as an XREF?


Are you sure there are objects in the drawing? AFAIK, there is a free viewer on the Bentley website.


Without seeing the DGN, hard to guess, but my WAG would be a problem with the DGN.


Why doesn't the client send you .dwg?

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Hi, I have tried "Translate references to blocks or xrefs" if that' what you mean, but still no good. First impression was that maybe references were not passed through to the conversion/import.

There are NO objects in the drawing but the layers all show up.

I think it may be a case if someone had the same issue and found a solution to post it. 

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Simply use XREF and select DGN as the file type.


Did you try the free viewer? As I already mentioned, most likely a problem with the DGN file.


Just ask the client to send DWGs.

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OK thanks, I did try XREF but could not open the file.

Yes I do know about the free viewer but it is limiting to work with, read only, and will not export to DWG.

Asking for DWGs, I don't have the option.


I don't think it's an issue with a particular DGN file, as I've tried it one several files, of different origin and on different computers.

I have used DGNIMPORT in the past with success.

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No problems here.


You seem to keep missing the point, I believe the problem is with the DGNs. Do you know what version they are? 


The point of using the viewer was to examine the DGN files.


Without seeing a file, hard to actually do any more.


Why don't you ask the client for a working .dwg file?

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OK apologies.

The information from the viewer is:

Editor: MicroStation v8.11.9.919
Original File Format: DGN V8


Regarding asking, you can only ask so often to start with. It will be ongoing, and I don't know when and how many will need to be converted/imported, and also it may take a hours/day for the DWG to be provided as well.

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