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Dynamic block rotation


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Maybe stupid question but its hard for me to find answer, I'm trying to find a way how to connect block rotation parametar and rotation of the block itself.

I attached simple north label for example.

When I insert block rotation is set to 0. When I rotate it by the grip or write in "Angle" field, block rotates but in properties Misc, Rotation is still 0. And if I write in Rotation field it rotates but "Angle" filed stays the same. How can I connect these two things?
To be more clear, when I write in "Angle" field 90, I want property Misc Rotation to be set to 90 also. Currently it stays 0, and if I put 90 there, the whole block is 180 upsidedown.


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The dynamic properties of dynamic blocks aren't normally accessible, but they're there. I made a block that I can rotate to a specific angle. When I use Select Similar with one of those blocks, I don't get any matches unless they're at exactly the same angle, so usually it's zero matches.


To test my theory, I just inserted four of those blocks in a row, all with 0 rotation. I can select one and get the other three with Select Similar, but none of the dozens of others in the drawing. Their angles show up in their Properties. I used a Polar Stretch action, if that helps.

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Just a comment "I attached simple north label for example." As the name implies rotate a block to match the twist angle in a viewport for all layouts. " Rotate Nth arrow in layout" happy to discuss further.





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Technically, the rotation of the block is associated with the block itself and not the Dynamic Property called Angle. We assume that every block is inserted at 0-degree rotation initially and then the dynamic property called Angle manipulated the orientation of the block itself with regards to its initial rotation or current rotation. 


It is not recommended to have duplicate properties, one inherent to the block and another as a dynamic block property. It's not helpful. 

The Rotation is group code 50 of the entity itself while the dyn prop can be recovered using Lee-Mac's dynpropvalue functions in AutoLISP. You don't usually constrain the local inherent rotation (Angle) of the block to that of the WCS. 

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