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Any 2d Drafting CAD's default lines (0.25mm thick) on white background looks too very thin on Retina Display on Macbook Pro 15 (mid 2015 model)


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Hello all,

I have recently installed my perpetual license of AutoCAD LT 2020 (the last upgrade with Maintenance subscription) on my Macbook Pro 15 (mid 2015 model) which has AMD Radeon dedicated Graphics too as extended license for Home Laptop. OS is Monterey. This had been installed on my 2-1/2 years old Windows 10 laptop - a Lenovo 15 inch with Full HD display with Nvidia 1650 graphics, which is my primary & main laptop.  On this laptop, everything is fine. To my dismay, in my Macbook Pro, the default lines or lines of other thicknesses with the lineweight OFF, the lines with model background as white, looks very very thin due to the high resolution of Retina display. . But with the model background as black, everything is fine. I often do color shaded presentation drawings with the background set as white. Here is where the visibility of the lines become difficult which become so very thin. If I switched Lineweight ON, then lines with thickness greater than 0.4mm looks thicker and fine but anything else thinner than that (including "default" thick lines). look very very thin. I have tried all settings in the Lineweight settings, to set thicknesses to different visibility. Nothing helps. I have to keep it at 15 value. Anything lower than this, no thickness is visible. Higher than this, 0.4mm and above look too very thick. Have done lot of trials before writing this. Even Googling on this did not help. Looks like they are hooking up external large size displays to the laptop when working in CAD. This is not just with AutoCAD LT 2020 alone.  I also have  iCADMac 2022 which behaves in the same way. Which was why I installed AutoCAD LT 2020 as extended activation to see if AutoCAD LT behaved better. It did not. I then installed Bricscad 2022, downloading it as trial version, to test this phenomenon. Even with Bricscad,  the lines behave the same.


Just wondering if any one here is running any version of AutoCAD or any other CAD for drafting  on a Macbook Pro 15.2 inch Retina Display and have had this problem and solved it.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


I am also wondering, if this would be the case with 4K monitors of size 27 inches.


Thanking you in advance.

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  • PRSS changed the title to Any 2d Drafting CAD's default lines (0.25mm thick) on white background looks too very thin on Retina Display on Macbook Pro 15 (mid 2015 model)

Hello all,

Well, I did get a reply from Autodesk Community Forums where I had posted the same query.

The thin line display with model background as white, had been an issue on Macbook Pro with Retina Display.  Autodesk has solved this in the current version of 2023 of their AutoCAD MAC / AutoCAD LT MAC.


Hopefully, other software developers too might solve this in their future versions.


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