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Problem creating smooth edge on my donut using Blender


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I am using Blender 3.3, for the first time, and I am following the Blender Guru's multi-part tutorial on creating a donut.  I have the icing created but it has a hard edge where it meets the donut.  I have loaded the Solidify modifier but not the Subdivision Surface modifier because when I attempt to add it, on my laptop computer (a Dell XPS 13 9360 with 8GB Ram with Intel(R) HD graphics 620, it locks up.  Therefore, I cannot reorder Solidify as the first modifier and Subdivision Surface as the second.  Is there any other way to create a smooth edge on my icing?  


Never mind.  My laptop just isn't up to running Blender 3.3.  My apologies for the post.  It can be taken down.

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Yeah, you have to use the subdivision modifier in order to get the smooth rounded edges. Too bad your laptop isn't up to the task. That's a bummer.


Did you try dropping the Viewport subdivision levels down? You can keep the Render subdivisions high, so it will render smoothly, but keep the Viewport subdivisions low so it doesn't bog down your computer while you're working. It won't look smooth in the Viewport but it will render smooth.


In the image below, I put a subdivision modifier on a cube.

The object in the foreground has viewport subdivision set at 2. The object behind it has viewport subdivision set to 5.


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Thank you for your reply Cad64.  Unfortunately, as soon as I select the Subdivision modifier the program locks up and i am forced to execute a CTRL+ALT+DELETE to call up Task Manager and kill Blender.  I will give your suggestion a try tomorrow, but I am not holding out much hope.  The laptop in question is 6 years old so it may be time to replace it.  I just wish I could justify the cost as I would only be buying it to experiment with Blender.  I don't do any consulting work and the computer we do have handles all of our day-to-day needs.

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Actually, I just checked the link I provided and you can't download older versions from there. If you want to download an older version, follow the link below, then click on the version you want to download, like Blender 2.90. This will take you to another page where you can download the blender-2.90.1-windows64.zip file.



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