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Extrusion Direction z= -1 on Polylines


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Hi, I have several dwg files that have polyline objects that have the following statement when using the list command:

"Extrusion direction relative to UCS: X= 0.00 Y= 0.00 Z= -1.00"

The elevation is 0 in the line properties.


I'm using the dwg file as background in a another software and unfortunately it does not display the lines with the -1 value.


I'm using the mirror3d (object) command around itself to do it manually in ACAD, is there any way to find all this polylines using VBA. I have tried to search the properties of polylines but could not find any extrusion directions.

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It sounds like you are looking at the line(s) along the axis of the line itself. If you rotate the UCS around the X or Y axis 90 degrees you will see the true length of the line.

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Thx for reply,


But the change of UCS does not change the result of the list command. And the line apears correctly in ACAD in UCS=world.


I have attched an example.




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Extrusion Direction is the same a Normal. So, if using VBA then:


varNormal = entLWPoly.Normal

If varNormal(2) = -1 Then



If you want to find them from the Autocad screen then a filter set up as shown below will automatically select all polylines with normals not aligned to the positive Z axis.


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Thanks, i didn't know about the filter command. Really nice feature. But I could not use -1 as a filter for the Z value, but I got around it using NOT.

The VBA also works to get all relevant objects in the selection set. Now it's just to play around a bit with the mirror3d function (in VBA) to I get it right.



Yes, when I played with the UCS i eliminated the z=-1 value, but as the external software is reading WCS it did not really helped. But thanks anyway.


For your info the file is actually saved as a dwg by microstation, i think thats why I get the z=-1 value on some of the polylines.


I'm in the learning phase of VBA in ACAD so I could need some help with the VBA equal to the mirror3d object (not by point)




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But I could not use -1 as a filter for the Z value, but I got around it using NOT.


I couldn't either. I had to do the same but with != (not equal to).


Specific questions about VBA are usually answered quickly by this site's numerous VB gurus.

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I had to solve this problem in drawings coming from microstation/dgn format.

A lot of arcs and polylines had this and couldn't be joined.

I solved this problem with a simple Lisp routine.:shock:


(defun c:swap()

(setq f1 (ssget "_x" '((210 0.0 0.0 -1.0))))

(if (/= f1 nil)

(command "_mirror3d" f1 "" "xy" "0,0,0" "y")


(setq f1 nil)




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Thanks macchi! Your Lisp routine fixed mirrored text when importing DXFs into 3rd party CAD software.

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