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Auto lisp to delete layers that start with a specific string


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I am looking for an AutoLISP script that deletes all layers that have a name starting by specific strings. For example "wall" or "win" or "slab". It should not be case sensitive and the layers should be deleted even if they have something inside. Could it be an integated function so I can call it multiple times for different strings in the main body of the script? Could anyone help me out? I know I am quite a novice in the AutoLISP area....


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Not tested, but it should be something like this :


(defun c:dellaysbyprefix ( / lay lays prefix )
  (while (setq lay (tblnext "LAYER" (not lay)))
    (setq lays (cons (cdr (assoc 2 lay)) lays))
  (setq prefix (strcase (getstring "\nSpecify prefix of layers to remove from DWG : ")))
  (foreach lay lays
    (if (wcmatch (strcase lay) (strcat prefix "*"))
        (vl-cmdf "_.LAYDEL" lay)
        (while (< 0 (getvar (quote cmdactive)))
          (vl-cmdf "")




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