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Moving on from AutoLisp


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Eons ago I wrote some lisp programs for a MFG company with a small engineering dept.

Although modern CAD programs have "replaced" most of my work they recently contacted me

about a specific LISP routine I wrote to help them assign part numbers in various categories.


They still maintain an OLD PC with an OLDER version of AutoCad just to use this LISP routine.


Basically inside a drawing the operator selects the command "newpart" 

fills in the required information (9 categories) and then the LISP routine

opens the "newpart.htm" located on the network and appends the data to

an existing htm file so it then becomes readable by everyone in the company

from marketing to purchasing...  "just look at the web page"


It's was a great idea at the time because anyone on the network with a browser

has read access to the files.


Now to meet compliance requirements with a new contract, the OLD software MUST be removed

or replaced with something that meets requirements.


I addition they have moved onto a new CAD package that does not support LSP 


I don't do programming anymore so I am looking for options be it batch, Visual Basic,

that could accomplish the same end result.


I am so far out of the loop I don't even know enough to even ask the rights questions

concerning "new" programming  languages when trying to find someone

to write a "new" program for them













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For a start....SOLIDWORKS API - 2021 - SOLIDWORKS Help


SOLIDWORKS macro for automation: guides, examples, library


From the description of what you need, SolidWorks PDM might be what you need.




As mentioned, contact the people that sold the company Solidworks, they should have been able to address this before switching over from AutoCAD IMO.

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