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Visually override lines

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Hi, in the electrical diagrams, when lines cross, to avoid confusion it is convenient to draw trying to create a ovveride effect as in the file I am attaching.

It's really boring to do it manually...Do you know of a method or lisp to create this effect?

To complicate matters, I would like everything to be a polyline at the end of the procedure, but I can turn that into a second set of operations...

Thank you in advance






Visually override lines.dwg

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Thank you both! I'll try the lisp tomorrow!

I agree that the difficult part was about google... who knows when Bard will think about it...

AutoCAD Electrical, Plant 3D and P & ID are all programs that I have available together with the Revit license but unfortunately I don't use...it's just a shame

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Start using them, I was swapping from one to the other as the need arose. If you get into it, they seem pretty easy to get up to speed and usually some good videos and tutorials for most things.

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Hello, LineJump that's exactly what I was looking for!

a little whim: what should be changed to create arcs in the opposite direction? (up or right instead of down and left)


For SLW210:  in my country cad applications dedicated to the drafting of electrical diagrams are widespread and also in my company we use 2-3 different ones...Autocad Electrical is not very widespread, I think I have never seen it used...I hope to be able to learn it



Visually override lines.dwg LineJump.LSP

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I did not edit the llisp but a quick way to get go left or right is to pick an end of say a line then compare start and end point swapping them in code if required to imply always go right. 


(setq tp1 (entsel "\nSelect line near end : "))
(setq tpp1 (entget (car tp1)))
(setq pt1 (cdr (assoc 10 tpp1)))
(setq pt1 (list (car pt1) (cadr pt1) 0.0)) ;reset z to zero
(setq pt2 (cdr (assoc 11 tpp1)))      
(setq pt2 (list (car pt2) (cadr pt2) 0.0)) ;reset z to zero
(setq pt3 (cadr tp1))
(setq d1 (distance pt1 pt3))
(setq d2 (distance pt2 pt3))
(if (> d1 d2)
	(setq temp pt1)
	(setq pt1 pt2)
	(setq pt2 temp)


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