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Visual LISP weird color buttons

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Does anyone know why colors of buttons are wrong in AutoCAD 2023 (maybe started in AutoCAD 2008)?



Some computers get magenta hue instead of green.


This is how it supposed to look (AutoCAD 2002, same computer):


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Color theme doesn't seem to affect this. Even system color theme has no affect.


Every autocad restart changes the hue of the buttons:




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  • vanowm changed the title to Visual LISP weird color buttons

Not sure what registry and/or colors you are referring to...since this seems to be a random hue, I doubt changing any colors would do anything...Also note, the editor doesn't obey autocad or system color theme. It seems to be using win32 GUI controls, which are not theme'able(?) 

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It's been that way for a while now, no one has solved it AFAIK. After such a long time, I doubt if it's even on Autodesk's radar. They are about to retire the VLIDE AFAIK.


Plenty of other editors, I only have the VLIDE, Notepad and Visual Studio Code and AutoCAD AutoLISP Extension (not much use to me for work, you need Admin Rights for some things IIRC).


At home I also have an APP from Windows APP store, Kate, haven't used it much, so no recommendation yet, it came from the Linux community, though.


Many use Notepad++

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