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break into rectangle help...


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hello people:

can someone help me to improve this or if there is another way.


the purpose is to create a rectangle and delete everything that is inside and then delete the rectangle.

I would like to just create the rectangle and delete what is inside and at the end the rectangle disappears

(defun c:test ( /  )
(command "_rectangle" "\\" "\\")

(setq ent1 (entsel))
(setq pt1 (getpoint))

(T (load "extrim.lsp" "") etrim)
(etrim (car ent1) pt1)
(setvar "HIGHLIGHT" 1)
(command "_erase" ent1 "")






any help is good

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Posted (edited)

@leonucadomi Instead to make the rectangle , you can do a  Window or Cross selection , and erase windowed or crossed entities.


Window from down left to up right 

or cross from upright to left  down 



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what I want is to break the lines and delete what remains inside that rectangle

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This can be done by EXTRIM command in the Expresstools if I understand your concern correctly.

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So a break lines with a gap size ? Pick a point say top line use perp pick bottom line then gap, all done. Is that what you want ? Gap is based on pick point so say MID could be used for a left and right of middle of a line.

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