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Autocad is very laggy my gaming computer, it does not make sense? even on an RTX 3050 Ti? did i forgot some magic option?


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I'm trying to help my friend not buy an absolute trash PC for her uni course while still staying within a reasonable budget, that course includes AutoCAD training, I disabled my Nvidia card for my first performance test, just to see if it could run on the integrated Iris Xe graphics, then I changed all the settings and restarted AutoCAD also forced the OS to make AutoCAD use my 3050 RTX, with that card it's a little bit smoother but still too laggy to be real, what did go wrong? blender 3D works like a charm, is fast on CPU rendering alone, and supports even OptiX, is it possible that Autodesk developers are really that bad at optimizations? why? help?


Note: I don't know Autocad, I'm just using it as a benchmark, I did a mini course but I forgot everything about it, I downloaded the demo version for architects

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On 5/28/2023 at 8:20 PM, BIGAL said:

Did you set the graphics card to not use the internal Intel graphics card but the 3050. Now where is it. 






The OP already mentioned using both to test AutoCAD.


There are several benchmark testers out there. For AutoCAD try Cadalyst Benchmark Test | Cadalyst and Benchmark Tool | AutoCAD | Autodesk App Store


Did you try some different drivers? I found getting the driver correct helps, sometimes the latest and greatest and sometimes an older works better.


What are the complete specifications for your computer?

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