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with dimension, I just create 1:1 scale and then use the "use overall scale of" option.


But I don't know how to deal with text. I created new text style, leave the text high "0.00". Use MTEX command, the text high show 2.5 and it always too small.

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Hello SatoshiQ, and welcome in the forum!

I don't really understand your question. You are happy with the dimension texts but not with mtexts?

How about this: draw a dimension and explode it. Check the text size and apply that size to your mtexts. Or even shorter, once you exploded the dimension as above, use the MATCHPROP command to make the mtext to look like the dimension text.

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15 hours ago, SatoshiQ said:

I created new text style, leave the text high "0.00". Use MTEXT command, the text high show 2.5 and it always too small.

Your TEXTSIZE (System Variable) must be set to 2.5

Divide the height you want by the CANNOSCALEVALUE (System Variable) to get the TEXTSIZE you want.

I've always use this lisp for setting the TEXTSIZE to 0.1 with option to get the value by selecting an existing text.

;| Text size - This one you can get text size by picking text, entering a value, picking two points,
    or it will calculate it from CANNOSCALEVALUE if in Model Space.  It doesn't change on Escape.
   (load "TXTsize.LSP") tas ;
   by: Tom Beauford
   Leon County Public Works Engineering
(defun C:tas (/ *error* vars tnt ts txt etp style)
  (setq vars (mapcar '(lambda (x) (cons x (getvar x))) '("luprec" "modemacro" "cmdecho")))
  (defun *error* (msg)
    ;; Reset variables
    (mapcar '(lambda (x) (setvar (car x) (cdr x))) vars)
    (if (not (wcmatch (strcase msg) "*BREAK,*CANCEL*,*EXIT*"))
      (princ (strcat "\nError: " msg))

  (setvar "luprec" 8)
  (setvar "cmdecho" 0)
  (grtext -1 "Select Text, Mtext or Attribute. Enter for more Options.")
  (setq tnt(nentsel "\nSelect Text Entity: "))
	((= 1 (getvar "cvport"))(setq ts "0.1"))
	((= 1 (getvar "TILEMODE"))(setq ts (rtos(/ 0.1 (getvar 'cannoscalevalue))2 3)))
	(T(setq ts (rtos(/(caddr (trans '(0 0 1) 3 2))10)2 3)))
  (if (= "0" (substr ts (strlen ts)))
    (while (= (atof ts)(atof (substr ts 1 (- (strlen ts)1))))
      (setq ts(substr ts 1 (- (strlen ts)1)))
  (setq txt (strcat"\nChange Text Size from " (rtos(getvar "textsize")) " to :<" ts "> "))
  (if tnt (setq etp (cdr(assoc 0 (entget(car tnt))))))
  (if (or(= "TEXT" etp)(= "MTEXT" etp)(= "ATTRIB" etp))
      (setq style (getvar "textstyle")
            style (tblobjname "style" style)
            xdata (cadr (assoc -3 (entget style '("AcadAnnotative"))))
            tnt(cdr(assoc 40 (entget (car tnt))))
      (if(and xdata (= (cdr (nth 4 xdata)) 1))
        (setq tnt(* tnt (getvar "cannoscalevalue")))
      (grtext -1 "Enter Size, Pick 2 Points or Accept Default.")
      (setq tnt (getdist txt))
  (if (or(= tnt nil)(= tnt 0.0))
    (setq tnt (atof ts))
    (setvar "textsize" tnt)
  (setq tnt (rtos(getvar "textsize")))
  (if (= "0" (substr tnt (strlen tnt)))
    (while (= (atof tnt)(atof (substr tnt 1 (- (strlen tnt)1))))
      (setq tnt(substr tnt 1 (- (strlen tnt)1)))
  (mapcar '(lambda (x) (setvar (car x) (cdr x))) vars)
  (grtext -1 "") ;Clear status line
  (vl-cmdf "redraw")


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