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Add Stickers To CAD drawings...


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Hello All, 


Was looking for software recommendations (for a novice such as myself) to take a customers CAD drawings and add stickers to them. I work for a company that makes electric stickers that require wiring, connection sites, etc.. Manufacturers (auto, motorcycle, bike, scooter, boat, etc) want to send us CAD drawings to virtually fit stickers on, figure out wiring paths, etc. and then have us manufacture them. I'm a designer fluent in Adobe CC suite, but know nothing about CAD. Is there a software out there that can accomplish this without too heavy of a learning curve an ideally not expensive as heck?  Thanks in advance. 

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15 hours ago, BIGAL said:

Post an image of a "Sticker" hard to comment with out that.


In this example, there are two "Trek" stickers/decals/vinyls. So imagine they send me the CAD of this frame and want me to fit the vinyls to it. I was hoping there was a software that could allow me to open that frame up, import my sticker, scale it, etc. and then I could export those stickers once scaled and finalized to create them. 



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One possibility is Blender. It's not easy to learn, but it does have the advantage of being free. There are multiple add-ons that will do what you need.

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Pulling a frame shape from a cad dwg should be relatively easy, but I can see all sorts of problems when the shape to fit is not flat, like a tube being wrapped around. 


You should be able to import a simple single pline into your graphics program, may need a dxf. Wblock does that for you.

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Look for a CADCAM video that teaches you how to emboss and engrave text on a 3D object.

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Are they sending a 3D file or a 2D file? It would help to know the file extensions. 


If 2D, it will need distorted to represent actual appearance, if 3D (most likely what you would need) there are various programs that can correctly place the stickers on rounded surfaces.


For wire routing, Inventor (pricey, but free trial available) it seemed easier over some of the programs that I used for that, as well as flattening things out and placing flat objects on rounded surfaces.


Free stuff like Blender will have a learning curve and I am not sure how easy wire routing would be @Cad64 might could help with that knowledge. 


How to Add Decals/Logos to Any Model in Blender - YouTube


How to work with blender rope tools | Cable and Wires for blender - YouTube


There is Fusion 360 as well similar to Inventor, but less expensive (Free Trial available).

Fusion 360 | 3D CAD, CAM, CAE, & PCB Cloud-Based Software | Autodesk



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Adding decals to models in Blender is pretty straightforward using the Shrinkwrap modifier. You can also do it through the node editor, which is quite a bit more complicated but gives you more control over the decal. I actually use an Addon called Decal Machine which makes adding decals super simple. All you have to do is drag and drop your decal directly on to the model. Then you can move, scale, rotate, change color, etc.


The problem though, would be trying to export your decal out at full size, once you have it scaled and placed on the model. I don't know of any way to do that. 🤷‍♂️

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