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Emulate and modify 'Select' command in VBA


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I want  to emulate the Select command in VBA with some modification.


When we execute 'Select' command at command line, after each selection, the prompt appears at the command line indicating how many objects were selected.
I want to select Circles and the prompt should indicate the cumulative area of circles selected so far.


Is it possible?

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In vba it is select, trying to find some examples, it can have filters as well they are done as dxf codes. In lisp (0 . "Insert") as a ssget filter see intgroup & vargroup. This is for blocks.


  intGroup(0) = 0
  varGroup(0) = "Insert"
  Set SelSet = ThisDrawing.SelectionSets.Add("sset")
  SelSet.Select acSelectionSetAll, , , intGroup, varGroup

 For Each Ent In SelSet
do something


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