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sharing lisp to select blocks by its name from a selection set


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This time for a change I am not whining about problems,

but sharing a lisp created by knowledge shared here on the forum and I hope this lisp will be useful to other members here as it was effective for me.

the lisp prompt the user to select the block to use for the selection set and then promt the user to select the items in the desiered area and select only the blocks of the of the desiered block that was selected in the first step.

the lisp also select parametric blocks (I'm a bricscad user...) with *U name,probebly a dynamic blocks in autocad.





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I couldn't quite get it to work...

I picked the object use in select similar,

then slected the items to look in,

but no items where selectet...🤷‍♂️

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it only selects similar things you can 👀 when you run the command. if the original entity isn't on screen it wont be part of the selection after the command is run.


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I was using something like this. I don't know who it is from, but I modified it a little bit.


; Block Name Filter 
; ss [selection-set] from ssget
; blknamelist [list] - list of [str] of effective block names to filter (e.g. "SUSPENSION2", "IBEAM PLAN")
; ss_new [selection-set] - Filtered selection set of ssnames of blocks
(defun MA:block_filter (ss blknamelist / count i ent obj ss_new) 
  (if ss 
      (setq ss_new (ssadd))
      (setq count (sslength ss))
      (setq i -1)
      (repeat count 
        (setq ent (ssname ss (setq i (1+ i))))
        (setq obj (vlax-ename->vla-object ent))
        (foreach blkname blknamelist 
              (wcmatch (strcase (LM:al-effectivename ent) T) 
                       (strcat "*" blkname "*")
              (= blkname (LM:al-effectivename ent))
            (ssadd ent ss_new)
      ;(sssetfirst nil ss_new) ; Can be used to see which entities are highlighted


It needs Lee-Mac's LM:al-effectivename sub-function.


I use it by typing:

(MA:block_filter (ssget "_X") (list "BLOCK1" "BLOCK2"))

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