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AutoLisp for ZWcad


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Hi gents ,


This section of the forum "AutoLisP , Visual LisP & DCL" is ONLY for AutoCAD , or can be used for any other software which is working with this kind of files ?


Sorry if I asked a silly question .

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Posted (edited)

The below code is working fine in AutoCAD .


 (setq r (/ (getVar "ViewSize") 80)  r- (- r)  p '(10 7 0)
       transL (list (list 1  0. 0. (car p)) (list 0. 1  0. (cadr p)) (list 0. 0. 1 (caddr p)) (list 0. 0. 0. 1.) )  )

 (grVecs (list 1 (list r- r-) (list r r-) 2 (list r r-) (list r r) 3 (list r r) (list r- r) 4 (list r- r) (list r- r-) ) transL)

But in ZWcad the variable list transL doesn't have any effect . The rectangle is going in origin  , no matter where point p is . 

It is not an oSnap issue .


The colored square should be inside of the circle .


Any suggestion ?


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The Grvecs is (list color pt1 pt2 color pt2 pt3 color pt3 pt24 etc. This worked for me.


(grVecs (list 1 (list r- r-) (list r r-) 2 (list r r-) (list r r) 3 (list r r) (list r- r) 4 (list r- r) (list r- r-) ))

But it is in wrong spot. 

tansl does not make sense
((1 0.0 0.0 10) (0.0 1 0.0 7) (0.0 0.0 1 0) (0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0))


(setq transl (list 1 (list 7 4) (list 13 4) 2 (list 13 4) (list 13 10) 3 (list 13 10) (list 7 10) 4 (list 7 10) (list 7 4)))
(grVecs transl)


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Posted (edited)

Thanks BigAl.


1. But unfortunately , I really need the transL list , because P is not static , it is dynamic , from grRead sequence. I don't put it in my example because I wanted it to be easy & simple one .

So , I need the rectangle to move simultaneously with the mouse cursor .


2. I received the ensure from ZWcad , saying grVecs can have a bug . They will check .


The below code has the same result as my one .

(grVecs (list 1 (list r- r-) (list r r-) 2 (list r r-) (list r r) 3 (list r r) (list r- r) 4 (list r- r) (list r- r-) ) nil)

That means is not interpreting my transL list .


3. To avoid all of this , I can use plan B : to calculate myself all 4 corners :

(setq c1 (mapcar '+ p (list r- r-)) )
(setq c2 (mapcar '+ p (list r r-)) )
(setq c3 (mapcar '+ p (list r r)) )
(setq c4 (mapcar '+ p (list r- r)) )

(grVecs (list 1 c1 c2 2 c2 c3 3 c3 c4 4 c4 c1) nil)

That will work very well in this case .


But , this means I need to calculate myself all the time in my other programs when I use the function grVecs with a translation list .


Unfortunately , for my oSnap function ,  grVecs is using 3 , 4 corners or multiple dots to simulate a circle . In that case , will be a nightmare without a  translation list .


I hope ZWcad will fix the problem .


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That is what you have to do with grvecs keep changing the pt values, the other way is make a rectang, then use move you can get the 4 corner values once you finish dragging, then erase rectang.

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i think, it is true that zwcad has a problem in grvec trans.

In zwcad, Lee Mac's GrSnap is also fixed to the origin in the same way and does not work.


There are still a few more bugs remaining in zwcad. 

For example, if user run a Lisp containing LM:ENDUNDO LM:STARTUNDO.

sometimes It has to return a flag and escape the while, but it continues to run while infinitely

It seems like they only considered simply turning the flag on and off. I think the priorities are weird.

this is very critical problem but has not been fixed in 2019, 2022.


and acet-, ai-, control a zwcad in VBA, script writer, object DBX... etc.

with a little effort, most things are possible in zwcad. but it feels like some screw is missing. I think grvecs is like that too.

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* Thanks BigAl ,


This can be a good plan C as well . The problem with this approach is the rectangle will influence the Osnap . But yes , can be applied in some cases .


* Thanks @exceed .


I was guessing ZWcad is not as stable as AutoCAD . It is not my choice , but I need to adapt my lisps to ZWcad as well , because some people are migrating to it .

To be honest , I was expecting more incompatibilities .


The major one is not compiling Line files .shp in .shx .


By the way , @exceed :

1 . Did you manage to load files for complex lines as  .shx .

2. Do you know a dedicated forum for AutoLisp for ZWcad ?


Thanks in advance .

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Sorted :


1 . User Complex lines .

in AutoCAD :

;;  These linetype definitions use LTYPESHP.SHX.
*FENCELINE1,Fenceline circle ----0-----0----0-----0----0-----0--


My customized complex line :

;;  These linetype definitions use MyFile.SHX.
*MYLINE,Line with circle ----0-----0----0-----0----0-----0--


AutoCAD can search and read the file MyFile.shx if it is in the searching path .


ZWcad can access only the file lTypeShp.shx . So , if all the user's definitions for complex lines are included there , will work fine .

Of course , lTypeShp.shx file is coming from compiled lTypeShp.shp .


2 . ZWcad ensured NO dedicated forum for AutoLisp for ZWcad at the moment .


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Did you contact ZWcad for help ?


CAD Forum - How to convert font and shape files SHX back to SHP?



Add yours then do shp to shx 



Pretty sure there is a mkshx program.

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Hi BigAl ,


Yes, I sent them an email about this . Will see .


Great , your links are brilliant ! I didn't know could reverse .shx to .shp .

Was very hard to run it , until I found this guide for dumpshx.exe .

I will reproduce it below in case the link disappears :

1. Copy file from "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 20??\Express\dumpShx.exe" to short and easy path "C:\Test\dumpShx.exe"

You can even rename the file as "c:\1\d.exe" , TO BE EASY TO WRITE IN the COMMAND PROMPT .

2. Open Command Prompt for Windows , usually by writing in the down-left box .

3. Write to go in your Desired director : cd c:\test\ ;

4. Write all in ONE LINE as  :   dumpShx.exe   -o  c:\test\ltypeshp.shp    c:\test\ltypeshp.shx  and press ENTER .

or more easy  :   dumpShx.exe   -o  c:\t\2.shp    c:\t\1.shx   or   :   dumpShx.exe   -o  d:\2.shp    d:\1.shx    and press ENTER .

5. Enjoy !


Picture attached .



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