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Updated AISC Shapes for STL.LSP


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If you use Al Roger's old Lisp code to draw structural shapes (STL.LSP), I have replaced his old 9th Edition AISC shapes with the latest 16th edition shapes.  I left his data for the Metric shapes alone since I did not have a source for the dimensions. His Lisp routine reads several DIM files that contain the shape data and I have not touched it. I just replaced his old DIM files with new ones. When I did the DIM files for the 13th edition of AISC, I kept Al's old data and appended a 9th on the end of the shape name and the 13th edition was added onto the end of the data. IIRC, the AISC has a spreadsheet with very old profiles for steel shapes from the late 1800's and the motivated user could add the old shapes at the end of the DIM files. The 16th edition of the AISC shape data includes many new rolled sizes.


In order to use the Lisp, you have to unzip the package into a folder in your search path where it loads your LSP files and all the DIM files must be in the same folder so his program can find them along with the help file. I tested the program out on my 2024 version of ACAD and have used it on all prior ACAD versions that I've used for many years. 


For new users, after you Load the Lisp, you just type STL and his dialog window pops up and you select the shape and size and the 2D End, 2D Top, 2D Side, 3D Sold, or 3D Surface, and the Lisp will draw the shape. 


I'm a Structural Engineer and use STL to draw the shapes to see if the shape is too close to the anchor bolts on my base plate design. I don't do much drafting and not much Lisp, so I am in awe of the talent that came up with this code.  I just occasionally edit the DIM files so it can draw new shapes. 



I found an error in the Stl_Tube.DIM file and it was corrected with the revised ZIP below. I also edited the DCL file to change the Label for Tubes to HSS which is what the AISC now calls them.


I found another error in the LSP code with a divide by 2 producing errors (it should have been /2.0)  )  







Al's Steel Mill 2023_R1.zip

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Found error in a DIM file in the ZIP and error in the LSP
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For those that D/L the zip, please D/L the revised version. I found an error in a DIM file for round HSS tubes. I had put the wall thickness in instead of the ID that it was expecting so the tubes were very thick.


I updated the ZIP with a newer version that fixed a divide by Integer error in the original LSP file. I don't know enough about Lisp to make the other changes. I found a revised STL.LSP file on a Autodesk forum that had a few more DIM files for Metric, but I kept the original work by Al Rogers. Do a search for STL-2dot0.LSP to see what I found. It may be worthwhile to combine my revised DIM files for the 16th edition of AISC with those other DIM files to make a revised STL.LSP solution.


If I knew enough about DCL and Lisp, I would have multiple version DIM files so the user could pick which version of the AISC shapes they wanted to draw. Al's original DIM files were from the 9th edition and we are up to the 16th edition now. 

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Found another error
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Great contribution, I have a dynamic block for W profiles, section, elevation and plan, I took it from a UK site and arranged it for the Mexican standard, maybe it will help you. I also have dynamic blocks of channels, angles and tubes.


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