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Auto Dimensions between polyline and a proposed line


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I have a problem...

I need to make a routine for myself and my co-workers.. ok here is the situation.

We will have a polyline created from a series of points, where we need to plot dimensions perpendicular to the proposed line stating the difference between the proposed and existing.


It is something like this:



An auto dimension lisp will help us a lot as we will have lots of dimensions in our daily routine.
Thanks a lot in advance...



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I made something.


But you do need to

- either make the red polyline 1 closed polyline

- or cut the grey polyline in single side polylines.

The grey and red polylines mush match one to one.


See my upload as example.

Option 1 will cause problems in the corners.  Option 2 is probably more preferred.


- command ADBP, for Auto Dimensions Between Polylines

- select grey polyline, then select red polyline.

(first set the layer to whatever layer you want the dimensions to be drawn on)




;; https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/visual-lisp-autolisp-and-general/how-to-get-the-z-coordinate-of-3d-polyline/td-p/2435197
;;  Poly-Pts
;;; returns a list of the polyline vertices WCS coordinates
;;; Argument: a polyline (ENAME or VLA-OBJECT)
(defun poly-pts (p / n l)
	(setq n (fix (vlax-curve-getEndParam p)))
	(or (vlax-curve-IsClosed p) (setq n (1+ n)))
	(repeat n
	    (setq l (cons (vlax-curve-getPointAtParam p (setq n (1- n))) l))

(defun draw_DIMALIGNED	(p13 p14 p10 / 	) 
	(command "_.DIMALIGNED" p13 p14 p10)

;; command ADBP for Auto Dimensions Between Polylines
(defun c:ADBP	( / pl1 pl2 pts p13 p14)
	(setq pl1 (car (entsel "\nSelect polyline 1 (with the many endpoints): ")))
	(setq pl2 (car (entsel "\nSelect polyline 2 (red polyline): ")))
	(setq pts (poly-pts  pl1))
	(foreach p13 pts
		(setq p14 (vlax-curve-getClosestPointTo (vlax-ename->vla-object pl2) p13))
		;; draw DIMALIGNED
		(draw_DIMALIGNED p13 p14 p14)



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