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Imported 3ds file ”invisible”


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I import the file through 3dsimport and i get no errors, but nothing shows up. I can’t select anything by clicking and dragging on the screen. I can see that something gets importet because i get a new layer and through qselect i can select all 9 objekts in the layer. But I dont know what these ”objekts” are (lines? Pictures?) and i dont know how to make these objekts visible. I know the file contains the correct data because i can open it in a 3ds viewer online. It contains 6 objekts and 12 materials in the file. Help would be appriciated!

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Hard to tell without the files.


Most likely there are objects far apart on the screen causing the view to be zoomed way out. Try Qselect to see what's available or Select>All and check Properties.

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Yeah, we definitely need to see your files. It seems strange that a .3ds file would be scattered all over the place though? You would think the entire model would be located at the origin 0,0,0. Do you know who created the file? Can you contact them and ask them to clean it up and resend it?

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Possibly try a SELECT > ALL, then change object colours through properties pallette.  My guess is maybe the imported objects are the same colour as your background, so they appear invisible.


If you do a SELECT > ALL with properties pallette open, there is a pull-down at the top which lists the objects you have selected, like this:



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