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Open multiple dwgs from a List odf paths


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Hi, im trying to open multiple files at once. I m usind LM script for get the paths, i want save this as a lsp ( a set of dwgs), and then run the lisp that open this set.


(defun c:test  (/ docslist)
 (setq docslist 

 and im stuck in this part, what can i do for open each file of this list.


Command "openfile" ??

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think simplest way would be :

(defun c:test  ( / docslist)
  (setq docslist (list "C:\\Users\\User\\file01.dwg" "C:\\Users\\User\\file02.dwg"
                       "C:\\Users\\User\\file03.dwg" "C:\\Users\\User\\file04.dwg" ))
  (foreach doc docslist (ShellOpen doc))

; returns T if no errors occurred during program execution
(defun ShellOpen ( $f / it sh )
  (if (and (not (null $f)) (setq $f (findfile $f)) (setq sh (vla-getInterfaceObject (vlax-get-acad-object) "Shell.Application")))
    (progn (setq it (vl-catch-all-apply 'vlax-invoke (list sh 'open $f)))(vlax-release-object sh)(not (vl-catch-all-error-p it)))
      (progn (prompt "\nShell application was unable to open file")(setq it nil))))


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Ignoring do something on each one. Save as a script file .scr


open "C:\\Users\\User\\file01.dwg" 
open "C:\\Users\\User\\file02.dwg" 
open "C:\\Users\\User\\file03.dwg" 
open "C:\\Users\\User\\file04.dwg"


Lots of ways to write a script like this, google Lee-Mac script.



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