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Convert Long/Lat to Northing/Easting


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I'm making a script which will draw a route line from a KML/ google earth in CAD, but I there co-ords given are in Long/Lat.


I'm currently sending the list of co-ords into my API to convert them server side, but this can be quite lengthy even with it all coordinates being converted concurrency, depending on the route length. is there a more simple way I can convert these which will also provide the speed? I understand the plotting of the route line in CAD will still take its time

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There is a formula to convert latitude-longitude to a grid (northing-easting) - something I looked at a while ago when it was quiet in work. If I remember right the formula is dependent on your position in the world - the closer you are to the poles the more correction needed to make straight perpendicular lines.


If you have the formula that you are happy with then it should be possible to convert that to a LISP and see if it is quicker to do it within CAD, noting that while the conversion might be slower taking away the human speed element to send the coordinated to your API and then back again might make the process overall quicker.


Big-Al I suspect will be along shortly to tell you to use the function in civil 3d (mapimport) rather than creating something new. After that it will just need a rule of which points to connect as lines 

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On 10/11/2023 at 10:00 AM, BIGAL said:

Yep import Lat Long is built in to CIV3D. 


Like Steven P had access to an external convert Lat Long program that produced XYZ file, it was for here in AUS.



@BIGAL, I think this is what you are referring to:



I think it used to be a small application named GEODD

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How about using program like QGIS which is free to do the conversion for you... You can take a the KML and covert it into DXF or Shape... then just import it or open in AutoCAD.

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