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Distance from given reference


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Hello guys!

I am trying to get the distance from one point to another, then add it to the given reference as part of a text in the drawing. (The text format is "Ref. 364.80", for example).

I have searched over the other topics and this is what I found:




Also, my drawings are all scaled 1:100, so the distance must be divided by 10 before adding the reference cote.


Here is the screenshot:



Thank you!

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This is what you want it is metric.


;Calculates level of a point in cross or long sections
; BY alanh 2014

(setvar "cmdecho" 0)

(princ "\n To run just type SRL")

;;-------------------=={ Parse Numbers }==--------------------;;`
;;                                                            ;;
;;  Parses a list of numerical values from a supplied string. ;;
;;  Author: Lee Mac, Copyright © 2011 - www.lee-mac.com       ;;
;;  Arguments:                                                ;;
;;  s - String to process                                     ;;
;;  Returns:  List of numerical values found in string.       ;;

(defun LM:ParseNumbers ( s )
    (lambda ( l )
        (strcat "("
                (lambda ( a b c )
                      (< 47 b 58)
                      (and (= 45 b) (< 47 c 58) (not (< 47 a 58)))
                      (and (= 46 b) (< 47 a 58) (< 47 c 58))
                    b 32
              (cons nil l) l (append (cdr l) (list nil))
    (vl-string->list s)

(defun c:SRL ()
(setq olddimzin (getvar "dimzin"))
(setvar "dimzin" 0)
(if (= dwgscale nil)
(setq dwgscale (/ 1000.0 (getreal "\n enter vertical scale ")))
;(setq datum (getreal "\n Enter datum level "))
(setq datum (car (LM:ParseNumbers (cdr (assoc 1 (entget (car (entsel "\nPick datum text"))))))))

(setq test 1)
(setq pt1 (cadr (getpoint "\npick datum")))
(while (= test 1)

(setq pt2 (cadr (getpoint "\npick point")))

(setq dist (/(abs (- pt1 pt2)) dwgscale))

      (setq en1 (car (entsel "\nSelect text number:" )))
      (if (/= en1 nil)
        (setq tent (entget en1))
        (setq a (+ dist datum))
        (setq a (rtos a 2 3))
        (setq el (subst (cons 1 a) (assoc 1 tent) tent))
        (entmod el)
       (princ "\nplease pick again"); else
); while t

(setq el nil
 en nil
a nil
en1 nil
test nil)

(setvar "cmdecho" 1)
(setvar "dimzin" olddimzin)
)	;ends main defun


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