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Freezing on save

Steven P

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Here is the problem: 

When I save a drawing and then switch to another AutoCAD 2022 freezes. I assume I have all the latest service packs - the company sorts that. If I save and continue to work on the same drawing all is good and happy, unless I switch drawings.


If I leave it long enough eventually it will decide to offer me the option to recover


So what might that be? I don't think I've changed anything, but ctr, alt. del after every copy and paste is getting to me now! (and don't want to spend an hour or so drawing for it all to crash). 



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Are you saving locally or to a network or both?


This could be on your companies end, you may need let IT sort it out, I once had issues when they switched firewall software. Maybe they need to check all of the support file paths.


I have also had similar issues in the past and using a different graphics card driver (not necessarily the latest) worked.

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Thanks, Yes, it is networked. I think even the 'C:' drive is actually a virtual onedrive c. Fails both on desktop and network sites.


I suspect that it is network issues, but wanted to check if I had missed anything on the CAD side of things. Trying to think today what updates they did recently, there was a BIM360 / desktop connector one I think - but these are not on the AutoDesk drives, and I think there was a Windows one so might have been that.


Anyway - IT is looking at it 'Urgently' (for the last 7 hours.... (Overseas IT department))

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I seldom have any AutoCAD issues at home on a non IT controlled computer, so I know to first check into things IT has been doing for issues at work.


I still have small but consistent issues with MS Office at work, all of the issues come up in a web search as "improperly configured server and/or firewall".


Mostly AutoCAD has ran smoothly since getting the proper Autodesk approved graphics driver a couple of years ago.

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Just been working on one drawing this morning, the threat level to the PC has reduced... till I need to save and open another....


I rarely use anything other than CAD, but might fire up excel later today to see if that has issues for me. I'll suggest the graphics driver to IT and see what they think. Ta.

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